News Update

July 2003

Our new lp is out on the wonderful Kittridge Records of LA. Entitled forget the ladder, climb the wall, it features 13 brand new tracks and a new version of starting to peel.

It was recorded during 2002 with a new line-up: Paula and Rupert as before, but with Sean Taplin on guitars and Matty Green (of Boyracer and Tall Boy fame) on drums. This means it doesn't sound exactly the same as the last one, and obviously doesn't have any songs by Alan on it since he left the band, so don't be too disappointed if your favourites were all his songs. Basically the new cd is a mixture of classic indie pop guitar thrashes and slower melodic stuff. For sample tracks go to the Kittridge site, which unlike many labels lets you hear plenty of songs by all its artists for free.

At the moment there are no plans for touring.