London Eye

Blind and unjustified the London eye, as tourists swing their selfie sticks, tweeting soulless grinning empty snaps, click foolish leering digital vanity pics... The words for this Storm Machines track (and to a certain extent the visuals) were inspired by walking along the South Bank to Television Centre when I was working for GMTV. This was before Brexit. The video was started before the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Somehow the soundtrack and visuals now seem, how can I put it, like echoes...

Ryders of the Storm

Storm Machines cover of a well known Morrison classic which, in an uncomfortable foreshadowing of events, was created early in 2019. The multitrack recordings being done in May, while coronavirus was still the exclusive prerogative of the bats. "There's a killer in the air" indeed. The video is inspired by long drives through the French alps between Geneva and Lyon airports and the various ski resorts such as Avoriaz and Méribel. There really is a tunnel that is so long it disappears in an apparent infinite perspective - it is so monotonous the mountain seems to be willing you to sleep at the wheel. And you really can drive into a tunnel in the rain and come out through drifting snow.


Is it me? Or is everyone just mesmerised? Open up your eyes, stop consuming all these fucking lies – you’re Inflated with unfounded national pride, whilst idiot taxes take us all for a ride... Video for a Storm Machines track made during lockdown, with Hill providing his live action shots taken on his phone. The shot with the underground train is green screen, while the call that come is in is a mocked up video clip that's actually playing on the phone.

Ananimal Live at Patchwork

Is every man a devil? Is every man a liar? Is every man an animal, who learned to play with fire? Storm Machines playing live with lighting and stage visuals created for this song.

The Fourlanesend Community Primary School Council explain their plans for a single-use-plastic free Red Nose Day in 2019. Part of the sequence on the beach was used by the BBC for their coverage of the School's (ultimately successful) push for Comic Relief to abandon plastic noses and use a more environmentally friendly material instead.

Video DJ and Staging

Here are a few photographs of my Video DJ/Live Staging work.

Canyoning en France

A short documentary from 2005 following a group of amateur canyoners descending a route near Morzine, in the Haute Savoie region of the French Alps. Filmed on MiniDV format video.

Mt Blanc Ascent

A video shot in the 2005 on MiniDV tape format. I edited the video, adding sound effects, titles etc. I also added some wide shots that were created digitally from stills to link the sections form the expedition. The titles and the sunset are examples of these. The whole programme was burned to DVD, with chapter markings etc. That's how we did things in the early 2000's!

The Altian

An 8mm science fiction film I made in the 1980's. Sadly all that now remains are four still photographs of the spaceport, the spaceship and the service crane!